Sixth Form Dress Code

The reputation of Leicester Grammar School is influenced by the appearance and behaviour of all pupils and students. We expect the Sixth Form to maintain high standards and thereby set a good example to younger pupils.

The expectation is that dress will be similar to formal business dress and this specifically requires students to maintain a level of decency that is not a distraction to other members of the School.

Young Men

A suit of a sensibly subdued colour should be worn. Denim or corduroy jeans are not allowed.  Other items of clothing, ie socks, shoes, ties, etc should be in keeping with the smart appearance. Denim shirts are not allowed. Jumpers must be V-necked and plain, and are not a substitute for a jacket. Crew-necks that obscure the tie are not allowed. Boots are not allowed. Coats should not be worn indoors

It is expected that boys’ hair will be in a style that is tidy; avoiding extremes of length and unnatural hair colouring. As a general guide hair should be above the collar and ears and consistent in length but not shaved. Beards, moustaches, and stubble are also not allowed.  Make-up should not be worn. Finger rings may be worn but not jewellery such as earrings or nose rings.

Science and Sport

A lab coat/overall for practical subjects such as Sciences/Art etc. is required. Sports kit is the same as that worn throughout the School. Details can be found here.

Young Women

A suit of a sensible subdued colour should be worn together with a smart, sleeved top/blouse. To clarify, a suit could be a dress & jacket, skirt & jacket or trousers & jacket. In all instances the two pieces should be of the same material. As an alternative, a dress with a co-ordinating jacket may be worn. Skirts/dresses should be no shorter than knee length and tops should not be too low cut or expose bare midriffs or shoulders. Items that are not suitable include T-shirts and tops with slogans. Smart jumpers must be V-necked and plain, worn with a shirt underneath and are not a substitute for a suit jacket. Other items of clothing such as tights, should be in keeping with the smart appearance and should not be pattered or fishnet.  Denim is not allowed. A coat and scarf may be worn when outside, but neither is acceptable when indoors. Boots should only be worn with a trouser suit and shoes should have low heels for health and safety reasons. Very high-heeled, stilettoes, sling-back, or flip-flop style shoes are not considered to be practical or safe and are therefore not acceptable.

Jewellery may be worn, although nose studs, tongue piercing and other extreme piercings are not acceptable. It is expected that girls’ hairstyles, and make up will be in a similar spirit of moderation. Hair colour should be natural.

A lab coat/overall for practical subjects such as Sciences/Art etc. is required. Sports kit is the same as that worn previously. Details can be found in your planner.

The above code has been drawn up in conjunction with a representative group of Sixth Formers and has attempted to define more closely the general appearance required of our Sixth Formers. It does not attempt to deal with every aspect of clothing, nor has it laid down to the last inch what constitutes unacceptable length etc. What it is offering is a guide to a common-sense approach to dress, one that gives ample scope for individuality within the broadly stated aim of the School. The Headmaster must, of course, be the final arbiter of what constitutes acceptable appearance and it is expected that students will appreciate this and comply with his wishes. Failure to comply with the dress code will result in the student being sent home.

Science and Sport

A lab coat/overall for practical subjects such as Sciences/Art etc. is required. Sports kit is the same as that worn throughout the School. Details can be found here.

A number of Sixth Formers have commented that it is difficult to buy business wear from the high street, particularly girls’ suits. Whilst we do not wish to promote or recommend any particular supplier. The following list offers a few suggestions.

A good quality suit should last throughout the sixth form and some of the options below can be cost effective as one jacket could make three suits if brought with a skirt, dress and trousers. Similarly, if one items wears out it can be replaced on its own rather than a whole new suit having to be bought.

Suggested suppliers of formal business dress:

  •  offer a womenswear range. LucyAlice offers a selection of "collections" from which you can build your suit.  Everything within a collection will match, as they are made from the same fabric. For example, the Asti Collection, offers 5 different cuts of Jacket, 2 different lengths of skirt, and 4 different cuts of trouser.  Most suits are available in 6 colourways, and sizes 6 right through to 24. Many of their suits are washable.
  • is the partner company to LucyAlice offering a menswear range.
  • offers a workwear range which includes suits
  • offers a co-ordinating range of suits. One example is the Eva suiting range offers four products ranging from £59-89.
  • has a wide range of suits and accessories.