Duke of Edinburgh

At Leicester Grammar School the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme is very popular, with over 70 students working towards their Bronze Award in Year 10 and a further 25 working towards their Gold Award in the L6th. Our very successful scheme is run by our D of E Manager, Mr Graham Carter, who along with Mr Peter Cox manages and coordinates all aspects of the D of E scheme. Students begin their Bronze award in the January of Year 9 in order to complete the Physical, Skill and Volunteering sections prior to expedition training.

The students take responsibility for organising their own Volunteering, Skill and Physical placements. Examples for the physical activity include sports teams, Zumba, weight-training, swimming and martial arts. For the volunteering activity, students volunteer in charity shops, talk and play games with the elderly in Care Homes, help with community sports teams, assist the Junior School Staff with sports practices or help to run the Bronze Groups if they are at Gold level. Examples for the skill section include learning to play an instrument, developing cookery skills, completing an art or DT project, photography or learning to drive, if at Gold level.

Within school we run a number of expeditions every year, with full equipment provided.  Bronze Practice and Qualifying Expeditions usually take place locally and in the southern part of the Peak District. Gold Expeditions take place in the northern parts of the Peak District and The Lake District. Bronze and Gold Groups both attend a skills and team building camp at a point during the academic year. These are based at school for the Bronze groups and in Hathersage, Peak District for the Gold Group. All camps are compulsory and are a necessary part of the training process required by the D of E award scheme.

Please see below for a typical annual expedition schedule:



Bronze Gold

Team building/ Training camp:

Friday & Saturday in March
(Location: Leicester)

Training Day
Friday to Sunday in September 
(Location: Hathersage)


Practice Expedition:


Saturday & Sunday in April
(Location: Topstones)

Monday  to Friday in April 

(Location: Peak District)

Qualifying expedition:


Thursday & Friday in June 


Monday & Tuesday in June

(Location: Peak District near Ashbourne)

Monday  to Friday in August 

(Location: Lake District)

The Award is an excellent opportunity for students of all backgrounds and abilities to make new friends, test themselves by trying new activities, develop team work and leadership skills, and gain recognition for their efforts. The scheme does involve a high level of commitment and we strive to set deadlines to ensure all students achieve the award. All students are welcome to enrol on the scheme regardless of their previous experience of the great outdoors! If you have any questions with regard to the scheme please contact Mr Carter on: carterg@leicestergrammar.org.uk