Exhibitor List

Abir Mukherjee the bestselling author of the Wyndham & Banerjee series of crime novels set in Raj-era India which have sold over 250,000 copies 

Michael Sheridan, author and former Sunday Times Far East correspondent
'The Gate to China: A New History of the People's Republic and Hong Kong' 


Professor Archie Brown, Oxford University -
'Russia, its collapse and the end of the Cold War'
Dr Amy Fuller - Nottingham Trent University - 'Spain's Empire in the New World; impact on indigenous people'

Dr Teyhun Ma - Sheffield University -
'The British Empire and China'

Dr J. Griffin -
'C18th travel writing'

Richard Gibbons -
'Berlin in the Cold War'

After being a teacher and comprehensive school manager for 25 years, I was Education Officer in Cambridgeshire, supporting schools and parents in challenging or emergency situations. I am now a self-employed media and education consultant, supporting schools, giving these talks and producing video programmes for museums and other organisations

Dr Javid Hashemi -
'A picture of Afghanistan' 

Dr Javad Hashemi was born in Tehran, Iran. He taught Biology and Science Education at University of Tehran. He then came to England where he met his wife and worked at NCR and Local Government Education Departments. He is a keen photographer, a lepidopterist and, a Pocillovist. He practices Persian miniature painting and, enjoys travelling, Natural History and researching British ceramics and history

Mark Dawson -
'Food in the early modern period' 

I am a historian researching and writing on the history of food and drink in the early modern period. Much that is written about the history of food uses evidence from printed sources – cookery books, dietary advice books, etc. – with the resulting concentration on the wealthy and at best generalisations (often inaccurate) about the experience of those not so fortunate. My approach is to work from the ground up, using documentary evidence of everyday life to build up a picture of what was actually going on in the households of our forebears.

David Allton, Front Line Living History -
'Trench warfare in WW1'

Richard Ansett - award winning photographer -
a talk and exhibition on race/race relations in the USA
Catherine Ross, founder and Director of the National Caribbean Heritage Museum -
' The Caribbean contribution to British culture' 
Charlotte Webb, who worked at Bletchley Park during the war-
'Bletchley Park in WW2'