Sport & PE Uniform

Sports Kit for Prep to Year 11 (all items branded with school logo and from uniform supplier) 

Sports Kit Required for each sport

Games Kit (Hockey & Netball)

PE kit

Games Kit (Rugby & Hockey)

Cricket Kit


Navy games shirt

White PE shirt

Rugby shirt (reversible)

Cricket trousers (white)

Swimming costume or shorts

Games skort

PE shorts

Games shorts

Cricket shirt

Navy swim hat

Games socks

White socks

Games socks

Cricket sweater (squad players)


Navy base layer

White lace-up trainers

Navy base layer



Hoody or taslan top


Hoody or taslan top



Tracksuit bottoms


Tracksuit bottoms



Dark footwear for hockey


Dark footwear (and where required fitted with British Standard rugby safety studs (kite-marked))




Personal Protective Equipment for Sport

It remains the individual’s choice with regard to the wearing of a Mouthguard, however they are highly recommended for all contact sports and in particular Hockey and Rugby Football.  If an individual chooses to wear a Mouthguard, Parents/Guardians are strongly advised to ensure that the Mouthguard is correctly fitted and used for contact sports; both Rugby Football and Hockey (Boys and Girls).  Parents/Guardians may wish to consult their child’s Dentist regarding the supply of a Mouthguard.  OPRO (a specialist Mouthguard supplier) also visit the school at the start of September each year to provide a specialist fitting service.  Details will be circulated to pupils in advance.

Shin Guards
The wearing of Shin Guards with additional Ankle protection for Hockey (Girls and Boys) is highly recommended.  Shin Guards with Ankle protection can be purchased from a variety of sporting retailers; both on-line and locally.

It is recommended that Junior pupils and/or newcomers to the game of Rugby Football should consider the purchase of an IRB approved Headguard.  This item can assist in promoting confidence and also reduce the chance and effect of potential injury.  IRB approved Headguards can be purchased from a variety of sporting retailers; both on-line and locally.